Slowing down fashion

Find great quality clothes that don’t sacrifice the environment or the people that made them.

A young child sifting through a landfill

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Good Garms is a place to discover clothes made with love and learn about sustainability. We put sustainable brands front and centre.

Discover ethical clothes

We highlight ethical and sustainable brands that go the extra mile. Brands that care about quality.

Read honest reviews

Transparency is vital. People trust people, not brands. No sponsored products or ads.

Make good purchases

Make more informed sustainable purchases. Better for you, better for the planet.

Clothing production contributes more to climate change than the world’s flying and shipping combined.

Our beliefs

Transparency is vital

Being open and honest is a critical first step towards positive, sustainable change.

Small changes have big impacts

Be aware, demand better, and improve daily habits. The snowball effect can have unimaginable results.

Quality over quantity

Buy cheap, buy twice. Investing in quality saves time, money, and helps the planet.

People trust people, not brands

To be honest — we’ve lost trust in big brands. We want to have genuine conversations not be brainwashed by marketing.

Our story

The story of Good Garms goes back a few years. There were two sides to it. Firstly, we were becoming more aware of the environmental impact of fashion, and how garment workers are treated. Secondly, we hated that clothes were made to be thrown away after a few wears. We made a pact to buy better clothes.

We realised it’s a lot easier said than done.

Hours of research. Too many tabs and too little information. Our questions remained — how was it made? Who made it? Can we trust the brand? Constantly thinking, why is it this hard to understand the true cost of clothes.

The fashion industry is dirty. But if you have time to dig — there are some really good things out there. Brands that design with care, treat workers well, and show love for the planet.

We learnt a lot on our journey to buy better, and we want to make this information more accessible. That’s why we made Good Garms. A place you can trust without big-brand brainwashing. Our goal is to help people make informed clothing purchases.

Bryn and Evelina,
Team Good Garms

Photo of the two people behind Good Garms