The best women’s Tencel clothes for your wardrobe

Is it time to update your capsule wardrobe? Maybe you're here because you want clothes that not only make you look good but also help our planet? Well, you've come to the perfect place! Let me introduce you to the world of Tencel clothing, and some awesome clothes that is made from Tencel.

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The best women’s Tencel clothes for your wardrobe

The ultimate blend of softness, strength, and breathability

Tencel clothing is a fantastic choice for your sustainable capsule wardrobe, and it comes with many special advantages.

It's actually made from wood pulp, usually from Eucalyptus trees. What's really cool is that it's made in a way that recycles 99% of the solvent used, which is great news for the environment.

encel clothes feel super soft, they let your skin breathe, and they're really strong. Plus, making Tencel uses less energy and water compared to cotton.

Now, you might notice that Tencel clothing is often a bit pricier than regular cotton clothing, but based on the environmental benefits and its durability it’s totally worth it! We believe in choosing quality over quantity any day.

So, the next time you're shopping for clothes, think about choosing Tencel items instead of those made from traditional materials. It's a small step that can make a big difference in reducing the impact of the fashion industry on our planet.

If you want to learn more about different fabrics, you can check out our guides on polyester fabric, organic cotton, and all about linen. And remember, every choice you make can help make the world a greener place!

1. Organic Basics: TENCEL™ Lite Tee


A soft, slightly cropped crewneck tee made with an eco-friendly wood pulp fibre called TENCEL™.

It’s softer than silk and smoother than cotton. The t-shirt is available in 8 different colours.

Tencel is made from 100% lyocell — which is a biodegradable fibre created in a closed-loop process from wood pulp. The t-shirt is vegan-approved by Peta (The people for the ethical treatment of animals).

At Organic Basics you can find sustainable basic clothing that lasts a long time. Made consciously in Europe. They only work with recycled, organic, or low-impact materials. Partnering with factories who care about their impact too.

Shop at Organic Basics

2. Asket: Lyocell t-shirt


For effortless dressing, slip on Asket’s Lyocell t-shirt. With a subtle drape and silky hand-feel, this t-shirt is designed to elevate any outfit with a hint of casual elegance.

It is made from 100% TENCEL™ which is derived from the wood pulp of certified renewable sources. It’s available in white and black.

The material provides superior breathability and combined with a cut that has a loose profile, open neckline and slightly shorter sleeves it allows for great movement.

Asket is on a mission to end fast fashion. No seasons or sales. They have a permanent collection of high-quality essential clothes for men and women. Transparency is at the core of what they do too.

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Asket: Lyocell t-shirt

3. Filippa K: Elena Tencel tee


Elena is made from the soft and sustainable material lyocell, which is biodegradable and knit in Portugal.

It has sleeves with a slightly longer length than a classic short sleeve and a wide neck trim.

It has a regular length and relaxed feel — wear it as a wardrobe staple under cardigans and blazers, or on its own with a pair of jeans.

Filippa K was founded in 1993 in Stockholm, Sweden. Timeless Scandinavian essentials. Simple and practical clothes with no unnecessary details.

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Go deeper on Tencel

Want to learn more about Tencel, what it’s made of, and delve further into its sustainable qualities? Then our Tencel deep-dive is the perfect next step.

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